Direct response marketing

Small business owners should focus on lead generation and marketing that brings in customers fast. Advertising where ideal customers see the advertisement therefore often delivers better results than branding.

Direct response marketing is a strategy where the ideal target audience is asked to qualify themselves and contact you immediately.

The result is that the small business owner has less waste due to the fact that only the ideal customers see the advertisement and others don’t even know they exist.

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Smart funding

Running a business can be expensive. Almost every month you start with recurring and fixed costs. In order to be able to reduce financial stress, smart funding strategies can help you to receive periodic passive income.

Dimples & co. uses numerous passive income strategies and therefore leads by example. We use books, article directories, memberships and even third party affiliate marketing channels to secure our monthly turnover.

For our clients we do the same and help them create a company where operational costs are funded with external activities.

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Direct response branding

Branding can enforce the visibility of your company, products and services. Startups and small business owners often start branding their venture having in mind that they first need to educate potential customers about their mission, vision and products. Seldom does this strategy lead to an everlasting flow of interesting and ideal customers.

The answer is direct response branding combined with direct response marketing.

By using social media advertising but also article – and content marketing, only ideal customers come to you.

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